Friday, February 27, 2009

30 St Mary Axe, London

Said to be London's first environmentally sustainable skyscraper.

Windows in the lightwells open automatically to augment the air conditioning system with natural ventilation, an occurrence anticipated to save energy for up to 40% of the year.

The floorplans are shaped like flowers, with a circular perimeter indented by 6 triangular light courts. The indentations remain a constant size at each level, while the space between them diminishes.

The floor plan is rotated for each successive floor, creating a series of spiraling 5-storey atria that stretch the full height of the building.

41 floors. Height 180 m (590 ft)

Architect :Norman Foster
Building Type :commercial office tower

It is nicknamed the Gherkin for its tall, rounded, pickle-like shape.

For more details and pics, click here.

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