Saturday, May 9, 2009

Prayer Tower, Tulsa, US

The Prayer Tower is a late Googie (a form of novelty architecture and a subdivision of futurist architecture) design-influenced tower located on the campus of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 200 ft (60.9 m) glass and steel structure opened in 1967. An enclosed observation deck gives a 360° view of the surrounding area and enables a self-guided visual tour of the ORU campus. There is a visitor center on the ground floor that has a gift shop.

The Prayer Tower is located at the center of campus to symbolize prayer's utmost importance. The disc and spindle design more or less takes on the look of a cross from any horizontal bearing. The tower's "upward spiral [sic]" is intended to mirror one's relationship with God. The latticework which surrounds the observation deck is reportedly built in part from standard white PVC pipe and is meant as a semi-literal representation of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus on the cross, with red coloring for the blood Christ shed in death. The tower's peak features an eternal flame representing baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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